How Is Your Social Media Etiquette?

Do you remember the childhood riddle, “Pete and repeat were in a boat. Pete fell overboard, so who was left?” The other person says, “Repeat,” so you just keep repeating the riddle. I used to drive my little brother crazy with that one. He wasn’t old enough to realize it was a joke. He just thought I was ignoring him. Do you ever feel as though people are ignoring you, or they are interested only in what they have to say? Advances in technology have made it easy for us to communicate, but have our basic interpersonal skills become rusty in the process? When was the last time you focused solely on what someone else is saying? Or, is your only focus just to make sure that you get your point across?

Certainly, one of the great advances in communication in recent years is the advent of social media. You can literally reach millions of people with a message in the blink of an eye. You can progress from being a virtual unknown to a celebrity, rock star or big-business owner in a matter of months, weeks, or even days. As a business owner, hopefully you realize the incredible potential that lies within the world of social media. But, do you use it merely for getting your own point across or do you also consider other people’s good ideas as well?


Twitter has taken off like wildfire. It is replacing many of the traditional news and advertising outlets. The days of press releases, faxes, and repeated phone calls to the media appear to be numbered. Nowadays, all you have to do is tweet about an event, and it seems people are instantly aware of it. For that to happen, however, people have to pass your message along.

Remember that “re-tweeting” is the newest form of encouragement. When was the last time you passed along someone’s tweet? When you re-tweet something it says, “I’m listening and I like what you said.” So, remember the next time you set sail on Twitter’s high seas, you may want to consider tossing tweet for re-tweet! American Underdog

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