Do You Lack PASSION?


Would you say you are passionate about your work? Do you love your work enough to do it for free?(I always thought that was a dumb question) But, it’s true! Shouldn’t we enjoy what we do, every day, enough to do it for free? I’m always amazed when I meet people who hate what they do. Okay, maybe you only dread your work:) What is your plan? Have you ever dreamed of doing what you enjoy doing and getting paid for it? Maybe you are asking yourself, “what’s wrong with me…I’m not passionate about anything?” Before you crucify yourself, understand passion has to be developed in many people. I know there are those people who seem to be passionate about everything they do.But, that doesn’t mean everyone is born with passion.

If you are one of the millions of people out there re-thinking their life(plan) right now, maybe it’s time to start asking these questions. Remember, if you’re not willing to make a change, nobody else is going to do it for you. Take a small step today. Just give some thought to the question, “Am I passionate about what I do every day?” Don’t think about what you’re qualified for or if you’re too old to make a change! Just start there.

Understand, if you are willing to even ask yourself that question, you are an “underdog.” That is to say you are in the minority and many people will discourage you from even thinking that way. This is the first post ‘from one underdog to another.’  Follow my blog and let’s kick some butt! American Underdog

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